Good Sound to Great Sound

About Open Audio Lab

Audio: Music listening style these days is listen to a music streaming services (e.g. Spotify) with a smartphone (e.g. iPhone) and stereo earphones or a mobile speaker. BOSE, SONY and Beats sell earphones and portable speakers with good sound quality. Many people are satisfied with them.  However, if you listen to music with a real great audio system, you must feel as if you were in a concert hall or a live house. There is a great sound in this world. This web site will pursue great sound at a reasonable price.

Open: For reasonable price and customizability, we will use open systems and open source software - such as Raspberry Pi and Music Player Daemon (MPD).

Lab: Not only using existing software and hardware, we are going to develop new software (e.g. yaMPC, get_cover, etc.) We also measure noise level or jitter quantitatively with measuring instruments such as an oscilloscope and a spectrum analyzer.

About yaMPC

yaMPC is yet another Client App (or Remote App) for Music Player Daemon (MPD). Its object is to quickly find albums or songs you want and play them comfortably. For that objective, yaMPC provides tabs and buttons (instead of hierarchal menus) so that you can quickly choose screens and functions and find albums and songs by various conditions.


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