Good Sound to Great Sound

About Open Audio Lab

Audio: The most common music listening style today is listening to streamed music on a smartphone with wireless earbuds and at home with a smart speaker? Some people listen with earbuds even at home. There are wireless earbuds and smart speakers on the market with reasonably good sound quality, but I prefer to listen to music at home with two high-quality speakers. Audio sets that give you a realistic experience similar to that of a concert hall or live music venue are considered expensive, but this is not always the case. On this site, we will pursue the best sound at the most reasonable price possible.

Open: For reasonable price and customizability, we will use open systems and open source software - such as Raspberry Pi and Music Player Daemon (MPD).

Lab: Not only using existing software and hardware, we are developing new software (e.g. yaMPC and get_cover). We also measure sound quality of the audio systems both subjectively (e.g. blind testing) and objectliby with measuring instruments.

About yaMPC

yaMPC is yet another Client App (or Remote App) for Music Player Daemon (MPD). Its object is to quickly find albums or songs you want and play them comfortably. yaMPC allows you to quickly search and filter by song title, album name, artist, genre, and composer.


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