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yaMPC 1.7 / Last Update: September 30, 2023

yaMPC:A Remote App for Music Player Daemon (MPD)


yaMPC is yet another Client App (or Remote App) for Music Player Daemon (MPD). Its object is to quickly find albums or songs you want and play them comfortably. For that objective, yaMPC provides tabs and buttons so that you can quickly choose screens and functions and find albums and songs by various conditions. yaMPC runs on iPhone and iPad. Try it now.

Core Features :

- Register and control multiple MPD Servers

- Album browsing by Cover art

- Queue management, Playback and Volume control

- Various browsing methods (by Folder, Genre, Artist, Composer and Playlist)

- Searching Songs by title, artist or any tag

Editions & Prices

Basic Edition - Free !

Able to register multiple MPD Servers and switch them to control.

You can resister multiple MPD Servers and choose one of them to control.

- Setting connections to MPD and HTTP Server. Connection Test buttons. Auto-settings of Cover-Art URL for Volumio and MoOde.

Setting an MPD Sever and yaMPC options. 


Browse and search albums and songs you want and play them.

- Lists songs in the Queue (or the Current Playlist), plays a song by tapping. Allows you to edit queue, clear queue and create a playlist form the queue.

You can play songs and pause, play next song, previous song, play randomly and repeatedly. Fast forward and rewind with buttons or slide bar. Control volume.

- Lists albums with cover-arts, album titles and album artists. Filter albums by album title and album artists.

- Lists songs in the tapped album. Add a song to Queue and/or play the song.


Full Function Edition - $2.99 In-App Purchase (United States)

Filter and Search Albums and Songs by various conditions. Manage Playlist.

Browse Tab : lists Genres, Artists, Composers, Playlist or Folder contents. Filter them by any string. Display albums and songs by tapping the list.

Search Tab : You can search songs by title, artist and any tag. Play a song by tapping it. 

For more detail, refer to Online manual

yaMPC 1.5 Demo Video [ iPad UI ]

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are different from the Music App in functions?


iPhone's Music App is for playing Apple Music and a music library in your iPhone. While yaMPC is a remote control app for MPD (Music Player Daemon). yaMPC itself does not play music. However, MPD does support various music formats including High-resolution audio also known as HD audio. Also, MPD runs on various platforms including PC, Mac or even Raspberry-Pi. Therefore, you can expect better sound (better than iPhone) through your favorite Digital-to-analog converter (DAC).



Q2: What are benefits of MPD compared to music streaming services?


Unlike music streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music, MPD primarily plays local music files stored on a NAS or USB drive at home. The reasons for having music files, even though most songs are available on music streaming services, vary from person to person: you can't find them on music streaming services but you can get CDs, you can listen to stable, high-quality sound even if your Internet connection is unstable, you want to own the songs you like, and so on. Many streaming services have the ability to download songs, but in places where there is no cellular connection at all, such as between subway stations, you may not be able to authenticate your account and play the songs. Personally, I use Spotify to listen to songs I hear about from friends, the internet, or magazine articles, and if I like them enough to listen to them again and again, I buy CDs or music files and listen to them with yaMPC and MPD. I rip the CDs I buy to FLAC and AAC.


Q3: How is the MPD Player different from Network Music Players on the market?


Functions of MPD and Network Music Players are same but MPD is open. If you run MPD on Linux, you can add other functions such as OpenHome, Spotify Connect and AirPlay, on it because Linux is an open platform. Also, MPD Protocol is open as well. Therefore, there are other MPD Remote Apps than yaMPC. If you do not like yaMPC, you can use another app or a Web UI. On the other hand, if you buy a Network Music Player and find it does not support Spotify Connect, you cannot add it yourself. Besides that, you have to use the maker's app to control the Network Music Player. Another benefit of MPD is it can run on a small (credit card size) and affordable computer called Raspberry-Pi. Total cost of Raspberry-Pi computer, digital-to-analog converter (DAC), case and power supply will be about $200. Therefore, you can place them in every room of your house, such as living room, bedroom and kitchen. yaMPC can register multiple MPD Servers and switch them to control. 

Q4: But isn't it troublesome to set up MPD?


Yes, if you do not like DIY, it will be troublesome for you. This is a hobby, so if you do not like it, you do not have to do it. If you do not like assembling a player from parts and installing software on in, purchasing a Network Music Player may be a better solution for you.


Q5: Does yaMPC support Android? How about iPad?


No. Because yaMPC is an iOS app, it does not support Android devices, sorry.
Yes, now yaMPC 1.7 runs on iPad with optimized UI for iPad (master-detail interface), Slide Over and Split View.

yaMPC 1.7 supports Apple Silicon Mac as well.


Q6: Volumio and MoOde have Web UI. Why do I need yaMPC?


I think Web UI and yaMPC are complementary. yaMPC is faster than Web UI (not all but) in some use cases. Personally, I don't see much difference on the iPad/Mac, but I think yaMPC is easier to use on the small iPhone screen. Please try FREE features of yaMPC and compare it with your Web UI. Secondly, yaMPC can control multiple MPD Servers with its same UI. For example, you may want to place a small Raspberry-Pi Zero W player with light-weight MPD without Web UI in your bedroom. While you might place Volumio + Raspberry-Pi 4B in your living room. yaMPC can control both of them with the same UI.