[mute] MPD Dashboard

[mute] is a simple dashboard program or Web Admin for setting up a "RaspberryPi Audio Player" using MPD (Music Player Daemon) and a Raspberry Pi.


[mute] was developed by Kitamura-san, kitamura_design, who designed the UI for yaMPC.


You can download [mute] from the following site and learn how to install and use it:


Features of [mute] are:

  1. RaspberryPi
    Shut down or reboot Raspberry Pi.
    Set hostname, password and timezone of your Raspberry Pi.
    Turn on or off Avahi (Apple Bonjour compatible Zeroconf software)
    Setting up WiFi
  2. Sound Devide
    Set up your USB DAC or I2S DAC
    Check sound output of the sound device
  3. Source Volume
    Mount or unmount NAS or USB memory stick
  4. MPD
    Install MPD
    Restart MPD
    Rescan or Update MPD Music Database
    Set up MPD - e.g. select a sound device, sound volume, DoP, Decoder Plugins
  5. Other Settings
    Extract cover art files from FLAC, ALAC or AAC music files
    Obtain MPD client information for yaMPC Player settings
    Dark Mode