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English Blogs · 5月 04日, 2023年
How to measure amplifiers with Cosmos ADC
In the past, entry-level audio interfaces were sufficient to measure the THD+N of amplifiers. However, recent improvements in "chip amp" performance have made it possible for the DIYers to build amplifiers that exceed SINAD 100. So there is a desire to measure amplifiers with high performance ADCs like the Cosmos ADC.
English Blogs · 1月 29日, 2023年
Does power supply matter for DAC?
Many audiophiles believe that the power supply affects sound quality. However, it may or may not. So what about the power supply to the DAC?
English Blogs · 5月 31日, 2022年
What's New in yaMPC 1.7
yaMPC 1.7 (the exact release version is 1.7.1, Build 22052) is the first major upgrade since yaMPC 1.6.5. There are a number of new features, which are described in detail below.
English Blogs · 5月 09日, 2021年
Retrieving cover arts in MusicBrainz
yaMPC 1.6.5 supports retrieving cover arts in MusicBrainz. Let me introduce MusicBrainz first, then explain how to download cover arts using Web Browser, then using yaMPC.
English Blogs · 5月 18日, 2019年
The Server entry in yaMPC Connection Settings scene allows ether hostname or IP address. Also, the Scan button displays both hostnames and IP addresses and allows you to choose either. This blog will discuss pros and cons of each and how to setup Static IP addresses.