Last update: May 26, 2019

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If you have a problem, please inform us:

  1. Your distribution and version (e.g. Volumio 2.522, MoOde 4.4, MPD 0.20.20 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, etc.) 
  2. What you did and what happen? Reproducible procedure if possible.
  3. If you can login to your MPD server, output of "mpc stats". Otherwise, number of albums and songs in your MPD.

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Known Problems (will be fixed in future releases of yaMPC)

  • If you have many albums in MPD, it will take long time to launch yaMPC or to switch to other MPD (about a second per 100 albums). We are addressing this problem now and yaMPC 1.2 will have a solution for this.
  • UI is not optimized for iPad.

What's New in yaMPC 1.1.1:

  • Improved Browse scene (a feature In App Purchase is required)
    • Settings scene: Browse Method - Simple (Fast) or Complete (Accurate) options are obsolete. Now always Fast and Accurate.
    • Settings scene: Artist Browse Mode - Album Artist or Artist options are supported.
  • Albums scene
    • When album sort order is Artist, use the following tag values for sorting if either of them is defined.

What's New in yaMPC 1.1:

  • Connection Settings scene: Scan button auto-detects your MPD (Thanks to Bonjour!)
  • Settings scene: Albums scene sort order - by Title or Artist
  • Settings scene: Display statistical information (e.g. last db update)
  • Play scene: Info button displays song details
  • Volume scene: +/- buttons for minor volume adjustment
  • Settings scene: Support of 4 and 5 cover-arts in row for iPad

Bug Fixes by yaMPC 1.1:

  • Downloading a cover-art fails if its folder name includes Unicode combining characters (e.g. German Umlaut "ä ö ü")
  • Tapping Next button at the last song of the Queue generates "MPD Error Bad song index" error.
  • Tapping Prev button crashes yaMPC if the queue is empty.
  • If a playlist does not include any song (e.g. you removed the USB memory), “Bad song index” error is displayed.

Technical faq

Q1: How can I display album cover-arts?

Q2: Refer to the "Cover-art" page

Q2: How to change sort order of albums in the Albums scenes?

A2: Queue → Settings (Cogs icon)  → Albums Sort Order, tap Title or Artist

If the album does not have Album Artist tag, then yaMPC uses Artist tag of the first song in the album for sorting.
yaMPC ignores "The" in artist names for sorting. (e.g. "The Beatles" is sorted as "Beatles")

Q3: I cannot control Volumio 2 with yaMPC

A3: Check the following 3 points.

  1. Volumio 2's Queue is not compatible with MPD's queue. Therefore, you cannot use Volumio 2 Web UI and yaMPC simultaneously. Make sure to clear Volumio 2's Queue (click trash icon at upper right in the Volumio Queue screen) before launching yaMPC. yaMPC will cause error if you use Volumio 2 Web UI simultaneously.
  2. Set "MPD Clients Volume Control" ON at Volumio's Volume Options if you want to control volume from yaMPC.
  3. If you cannot get some cover-arts, try "To share the music directory on Volumio 2.x (alternative method)" in the "Cover-art" page.