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Last Update: August 5, 2019

Setting Cover-art for yaMPC

To display album cover-arts in yaMPC, you need:

  1. A cover-art image file in each directory where the album songs are located. The default file name is Folder.jpg (see: the left figure)
  2. An HTTP Server (e.g. nginx) is running and it shares the directory. (will be discussed later on)

A simple way to get cover-art JPEG images is searching in Internet and download. Another way is making cover-art images embedded in music files using ripper or tag editor software.


For extracting embedded cover-arts from music files, I made a small program named 'getcover'.


See getcover page for more detail.


 To share the music directory on Volumio 2.x or MoOde 4.x:

If URL field is blank, the menu (left picture) is displayed by tapping the URL field. If you use either Volumio 2.x or MoOde 4.x, URL field is automatically filled by tapping ether one.


If you use other distribution, tap "Other (manual setting)" and refer to the below section "To share the music directory on Raspbian Stretch Lite".


 If you do not need to display Cover-Art, tap Cancel (no cover-art).



Note: Volumio 2's Queue is not compatible with MPD's queue. Therefore, you cannot use Volumio 2 Web UI and yaMPC simultaneously. Make sure to clear Volumio 2's Queue (click trash icon at upper right in the Volumio Queue screen) before launching yaMPC. yaMPC will cause error if you use Volumio 2 Web UI simultaneously. Set "MPD Clients Volume Control" ON at Volumio's Volume Options if you want to control volume from yaMPC.

To share the music directory on Volumio 2.x (alternative method)

  1. Login to Volumio
  2. $ sudo ln -s /var/lib/mpd/music /volumio/http/www/
  3. At yaMPC's Connection Settings scene, enter "http://volumio.local/music" to the URL field.


To share the music directory on Raspbian Stretch Lite


Install MPD on your Raspbian:

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get install mpd

and your music folder is:


  1. Login to your Raspbian and install Nginx
    • $ sudo apt-get update
    • $ sudo apt-get install nginx
  2. Browse http://raspberrypi.local (host name of Raspbina Stretch Lite) with your browser.
    • If it says "Welcome to nginx!", Nginx is correctly installed and working fine.
  3. On your Raspbian Stretch Lite:
    $ sudo ln -s /var/lib/mpd/music/ /var/www/html/
  4. On your yaMPC:
    1. At Connection Settings scene, enter Name, Server and Port
    2. Tap the URL field and tap Other (manual setting)
    3. http://<hostname> is automatically entered. Enter "/music" after the entry.
    4. Example of the URL field: "http://raspberrypi.local/music"